Presidency of State Security “POSS” Department of Telecommunications and Information Technology .

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Issued an RFP for high class reliable experienced System Integrator that has established maintenance and support centers in the main Saudi cities, to Operate and Maintain PoSS state-of-the-art Secured Satellite Communications Systems and associated ICT infrastructure units, to guarantee high secure and 99.999 availability.


  • To run, operate and maintain the VSAT Communications System that is installed at various locations Spread across Saudi Arabia and other countries.
  • This system is used for Voice, Data, Video streaming, GSM, Property mixed Applications as well as Internet applications and browsing across many scattered locations.
  • End to End Security with full redundant high availability systems.
  • Many Service Level Agreements “SLAs” with tough terms and conditions with different VSAT Technology Leaders have been signed to match the required scope of work.
  • Traveling and Visas permission for Synoptic VSAT and Telecommunication Subject Matter Experts “SME” and Engineers along with their toolkits.
  • Standby for Traveling at any time for any Special missions.
  • Availability and the replacement of all consumable / non-consumable items.
  • Develop and maintain the Incident and Assets management System to handle, track and document all activities and keep the track record on all the items.


Synoptic Operate and Maintain full Managed Services with 24 x7 Support Services) PoSS end to end VSAT Communications System along with all related ICT infrastructure units, as well as all required new installations for Fixed stations, Mobile stations, Flyaway stations, Portable Terminals, Terminal equipment at hub stations, equipped maintenance vehicles, Test and Measuring equipment, all the associated users equipment and peripherals equipment, interconnecting and interfacing units, as well as supplying the required spare parts (consumable and non-consumable items) and repair or replacing the faulty modules and units for 3 years.

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PoSS achieve their business growth goals and ambitions, as well as determining the criticality of business activities and associated resource requirements to ensure operational resilience and continuity of operations during and after a business disruption

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