Technical and Vocational Training Corporation “TVTC” .

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What was the issue?

TVTC, the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, which formerly known as General Organisation for Technical Education and Vocational Training (GOTEVOT), is the Saudi Government leading provider of Training. With colleges and institutions all across Saudi Arabia, TVTC caters for more than 120,000 trainees in more than 100 locations, wanted to move from classic PC electronic labs for Teacher, OA Staff and Students to Cloud base thin client virtualization solution as an end-to-end (E2E) desktop cloud solution in this project.

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Who did Synoptic engage with?

TVTC team, Synoptic ICT Engineers, Huawei and Dell Subject Matter Experts “SME” and Engineers along with some third party contractors as needed.

What did Synoptic do?

TVTC has awarded Synoptic, as it was the only Huawei VAP Tier1 partner that time in Saudi, to plan, design, build, install and maintain its state of art Cloud based Thin client end-to-end (E2E) desktop cloud solution using Huawei Fusion Cloud solution.

to for its Teaching, Staff and students using the electronic labs across server virtualization scenarios for 40 sites in only 120 days. Also run 24 x7 Support Services as well as supplying the required spare parts (consumable and non-consumable items) and repairing or replacing the faulty modules and units for 2 years.

This project was Huawei's 2nd worldwide largest Fusion Cloud solution implementation after China.

What was the impact?

TVTC achieve their business growth goals and ambitions, as well as determining the criticality of business activities and associated resource requirements to ensure operational resilience and continuity of operations during and after a business disruption.

What barriers, challenges or points of learning did you identify?

  1. To plan, design, build, and install the scattered 40 sites within Saudi Arabia only 120 days.
  2. Project timing was very challenging
  3. Process planning along with sites surveys, sites design, equipment and materials ordering, sites cabling and electrical powering, sites installations, sites documentation should goes immediately in very short time.
  4. Data Center and servers farm preparation
  5. Run, operate and maintain the installed Huawei Fusion Cloud solution at various locations Spread across Saudi Arabia.
  6. Virtual desktops' connections via Internet / Intranet that allows common Internet-based operations such as web page browsing and file download and upload.
  7. Centralized management like OS image management, software, patch distribution and TC management.
  8. Security architecture design for security protection
  9. Reliability design for high availability (HA) and live migration
  10. Smooth capacity expansion by adding storage and computing resources.
  11. Using Huawei Security management platform for virtual desktops
  12. Using Huawei virtualization products Fusion Sphere and Fusion Access to browser servers (B/S) architecture to provide web-based remote operation and maintenance management.
  13. Dealing with Huawei team in China directly to do some Arabic / English hotfix on the spot.
  14. Using Huawei Fusion Cube distributed computing and storage integration architecture.
  15. Using Huawei the Huawei virtualization platform optimizes the performance of OA software and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.
  16. Availability and the replacement of all consumable / non-consumable items.
  17. Develop and maintain the Incident and Assets management System to handle, track and document all activities and keep the track- record on all the items.

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