Developing King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Business Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba” Portal .

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What was the issue?

"Mawhiba" is a national, non-profit organization that aims to discover and nurture talented and creative people in scientific fields of national priority, so Mawhiba has issued an RFP to develop and fully manage services for its web portal for 3 years.

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Who did Synoptic engage with?

Synoptic team using Microsoft, Cisco, and McAfee technologies along with their Subject Matter Experts ``SME” to review and approve the designs.

What did Synoptic do?

Build, develop operate and run (full managed services) for more than three years

What was the impact?

Sponsoring talented and creative people in the scientific and technical fields, by developing a scientific methodology for discovering and caring for the talented, as more than 97,000 talents were discovered among more than 300,000 students who were tested in more than 100 cities and villages in the Kingdom. This represents an integrated national database containing detailed information on the best minds in the homeland of talented and talented women from all over the Kingdom.

What barriers, challenges or points of learning did you identify?

Continually enhancing, monitoring and fully managing the portal services “ICT and Security” among all the responsible team members and making sure it’s up to date and running 24 x 7 with full function.

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