Saudi Red Crescent Authority ICT Managed Services and Outsourcing Services. .

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What was the issue?

Saudi Red Crescent Authority is a national, non-profit organization that prepared to work in peacetime and in time of war as a help medical departments in the armed forces for cooperation and integration for the benefit of all victims of war and civilian and military personnel in all conditions set forth in the Geneva Conventions, especially the sick and wounded transfer and the establishment of the Red Crescent hospital in the locations specified by the military leadership and preparation means and help the victims of war and prisoners of war and mediate in their correspondence, whether inside or outside the KSA exchange transfer.

Saudi Red Crescent Authority has awarded Synoptic a project to outsourcing its ICT infrastructure to be managed and secured by the Synoptic Managed Services team for 3 years.

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Who did Synoptic engage with?

Saudi Red Crescent Authority stockholders and team members, Synoptic Subject Matter Experts “SME” and several ICT technology domain leaders.

What did Synoptic do?

Synoptic offers full Managed Service end-to-end solutions, including outsourcing services, application development and maintenance services, combined into an agreed Service Level Agreement based on the Saudi Red Crescent Authority requirements.

What was the impact?

Saudi Red Crescent Authority has been very secure and up to date, running 24 x 7 ICT infrastructure fully functioning and secure in a very professional way.

What barriers, challenges or points of learning did you identify?

Adapting the continuous needs of Saudi Red Crescent Authority, hug ICT infrastructure and make sure it is always agile, secure, available, accurate and enhanced with fully monitored by Synoptic managed services responsible team.

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