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What was the issue?

STC wanted to increase its sales opportunities and revenue from the virtual channels and communicate with its customers via outsourcing state of art Contact Centre, with full Managed Services including technology, resources and services, architecture based on Digital Telco fundamentals and needs.

STC in this project awarded Synoptic to provide full Contact Centre services for its customers through all customer interaction media channels (traditional, digital, and social media);

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Who did Synoptic engage with?

STC team project team, STC 902 operators, STC users, Synoptic Subject Matter Experts “SME”, and Contact Center team, Several ICT Technology Leaders, 3rd party subcontractors (Telecom devices distributors, distribution Carriers and delivery team, warehouse team, others and all are under Synoptic supervising.

What did Synoptic do?

  • Synoptic construct from scratch states of art Contact Center in Riyadh to serve STC project needs, based on Digital Telco needs fundamentals, with support of traditional Telco offerings and not just a traditional Contact Center with add-ons to support a digital service layer.
  • Synoptic plan, design, build and host at its premises all the ICT parts related to this digital states of art Contact Center for the best capability to support traditional contact center; and distribution methods, with the distribution percentages for contact center capacity, e-care capacity, and social media/online community support capacity.
  • Synoptic fully runs and operates (Full Managed Services from A-Z) this Contact Center.
  • Synoptic integrates its Contact Center with STC “CRM, 902 and Data Center).
  • Synoptic receives all kinds of requests via any virtual channels and takes over after that wearing an STC hat (contacting the customers to confirm the request, getting the address and payment method) of course all actions are monitored, recorded to be documented and preserved until needed (for a year).
  • According to the project scope, Synoptic built the Contact Center to receive and process a minimum of 10,000 opportunities daily 24 x 7, and prepared all the Contact Center resources accordingly.
  • Synoptic Contact Center team coordinates with all required channels (STC team, Customers, warehouses, suppliers, distribution Carriers, and delivery team, etc...) synchronous and updates all databases and reports.
  • Synoptic has developed Internet of Things (IoT) tools and solutions to achieve the project needs.
  • Synoptic electronically records, archives and documents all transactions, forms, subscription information, contracts, and payment info even in cash, etc… at its Document Archiving Systems and Asset Management Solutions Systems for a period of 1 year.
  • Synoptic periodically updates all involved parties with the specific reports according only to their needs automatically via its artificial Intelligence system.

What was the impact?

STC has Great business collaboration and operation achievements, encased STC revenue and number of customers with different communication mothers by state of art innovative, unparalleled service and experience, consistent across all touch points. As well, STC gains delight customers.

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What barriers, challenges or points of learning did you identify?

STC Expectations and Requirements

The project should be launched within 3 month from the awarding date building everything from zero.

The Contact Center architecture should be based on fundamentals that are focused on Digital Telco needs (traditional, digital, and social media); with support of digital service layers.

Synoptic shall provide a full Managed Services solution including technology, policies, procedure, services, resources, etc… everything from A-Z in a very short time.

Distribution methods, with the distribution percentages for contact center capacity, e-care capacity, and social media/online community support capacity.

Customer Experience is a core, strategic, competitive advantage of the New Product Line therefore the most important Business Objective is to delight customers with an innovative, unparalleled service and experience, consistent across all touch points. This shall be measure through indicators such as:

  • Customer Satisfactions (CSAT);
  • First Call Resolution (FCR);
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS); and
  • Customer Effort Score (CES).

​Business Requirements

  • Provide Digital platform and applications that have the following capabilities:
    • Sales support for both Product and Services
    • Sales Offers
    • Create and engage communities
    • Conduct the concept of Self-service
    • Analytics capabilities that recognize its customers on entry and behavior i.e. giving them the sense of personal touch
    • Setting threshold for engagement of customers during browsing activities
    • Service surveys
    • Knowledge management integrated with e-care/contact centre, e-sales and website.
  • Inbound Contact Center: Provide customer service to the New Product Line customer base (inquiry and complaints management, up- and cross-selling);
  • Outbound Contact Center: Telesales, welcome new customers, check-up calls, and Customer Surveys/Voice of Customer;
  • Digital Contact Center/Platforms: Dedicated team to manage online customer care through email, social networks, and other digital media including Web Self-Service, smartphone application-based customer service, chatting, and messaging;
  • Social Media and Online Community management solution (Facebook, Twitter, company portal, etc.):
    • Monitoring the Social Web in real-time, social networks, blogs, and forums for discussions about the company;
    • Design and develop content for customer care activities in social media and digital channels;
    • Collect, analyse, and report customer feedback and information;
    • Handle and solve customer complaints; and
    • Provide real-time dashboard and reporting.

Technical Requirements

  • Technology systems: The proposed solution should:
  • Ensure continuity and availability of IT and technology systems in the New Product Line contact center;
  • Integrate the required IT and Network platforms and relevant database of the New Product Line, as well as STC;
  • Support the Hijab calendar and day of the week/weekend to fit our geography; and
  • Support the e-care team to connect to other backed databases or applications to enhance customer experience.
  • Include all aspects of Customer touch points through the life cycle as part of the eCare solution.
  • Customer Intelligence Tools should provide comprehensive analytics to support dashboards for business and customer needs.
  • Archiving in accordance with industry best practice.
  • Scalability: The solution must provide infrastructure that is vertically and horizontally scalable beyond the initial requirement, including trees and record.
  • Disaster Recovery: The solution should clearly demonstrate Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan and processes are in place. Certification in Business Continuity Management and/or Disaster Recovery is a plus.
  • Trouble Ticket Management System:
  • Manage tickets across all channels and customer touch points, for instance, IVR-based Trouble Ticket System integrated with all channels (Portal, Social Media, etc.);
  • Smart Solutions for agent and customer;
  • Auto reply, communication, and interaction messages;
  • Smart IVR Tools to evaluate and analyze the customer complaints and requirements in order to support the marketing and sales; and
  • TT Archiving and reporting.
  • Contact Centre Technology

The solution is provide the following technologies pertaining to the operation of the contact centre:

  • Interactive voice response (IVR) menu system
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD) system
  • Performance monitoring system
  • Predictive Dialler
  • Call and screen recording
  • Customer engagement techniques and solutions, act as a single multi-channel hub, managing Communities and managing offers.
  • Customer identification and recognition
  • Web chat
  • Chatbots
  • Virtual agents
  • Co-browsing
  • Web self-services
  • Email management
  • Click to call
  • Call back

Operations Requirements

  • Workforce Management System: Synoptic must provide details including features of the WFM solution in place.
  • Back Office operations: Performing all functions to maintain operations of the contact centre including finance, admin, complaints, and bills management.
  • Certification: Synoptic must provide Contact Centre related certifications including, but not limited to, ISO, SAS 70, BS 7799, COPC, etc.
  • Knowledge Management System: Synoptic must provide details, including features, of the KM tool used.
  • Smart Campaign Management System: Synoptic must provide details and/or examples of Voice Activated Messages for direct sales, up- and cross-selling, Segmentation-capable, etc. addressing:
  • Segment to Offer assignment with provision to split segments;
  • Assignment of valid channel(s) to entire segment or to chunks;
  • Ability to schedule execution or execute now;
  • SMSC channel over the EAI layer;
  • IVR channel over Web Service;
  • Define Offers – validity, channels, messages and/or call flow;
  • Offer approval;
  • Segmentation Manager;
  • Define segment filter criteria from screen or via batch file;
  • Extract segment;
  • Split segment into sub groups (chunks);
  • Provisioning of test and control groups;
  • Simple take rate reports of offers/sales activities;
  • Feedback to DW for use in analysis for future offers/sales activities; and
    • Customer Retention – measured against company volume targets (to be provided in advance to Synoptic).
  • Voice of Customers Tools including, but not limited to, Surveys, Net Promoter Score, Customer Efforts Score.
  • Handsets Support Tool: An exhaustive library for support of handsets with all model and screen size variations.

Service Levels

Service Levels will include, but not be limited to, customer voice calls and social media channels. Service levels will be based on predefined segments according to the customer categories (A = High Value, B = Medium Value, and C = Low Value).

Service Category


Service Levels and Performance Criteria

Expected number of incoming calls: 10,000 daily in Year 1

Expected number of incoming digital channel interactions: 6,000 daily in Year 1

Expected number of concurrent IVR calls: 4,000

Service Level Segment A -- 90% in 10 Seconds

Service Level Segment B -- 80% in 20 Seconds

Service Level Segment C -- 80% in 30 Seconds

First Call Resolution – Average 90% weekly

Call Quality – Average of 90% daily

Abandoned Calls – Average of 3% daily

Average Handle Time (“AHT”) - 150 seconds, including hold and wrap time

Synoptic should customize AHT in Contact Centre according to customer value segments to allow for better customer service of high-value customers.

Agent Quality scorecard: Measured Monthly

To be agreed between the parties to include, but not limited to, Greeting, Ending, etc.

Change Requests

Synoptic shall implement system changes within agreed SLA

Escalation SLAs

Describe process for reporting technical infrastructure faults impacting delivery of service quality or performance and for escalating to STC.

Customer Satisfaction Levels

Achievement of > 95% Customer Satisfaction rating per Agent CSAT Parameters.

Operational Best Practice Measures

Synoptic to actively engage in staff retention and motivation programs to ensure monthly attrition is maintained below industry benchmarked standards

Maintenance of internal Synoptic Quality Monitoring and Coaching programs – minimum 5 monitored and coached calls per agent per month (excluding Sales QA at 100% of successful sales)

Working Hours of operation

Synoptic shall provide services seven (7) days a week, (24) hours a day, and three hundred sixty-five (365) days a year.


  • Synoptic shall staff all public holidays as appropriate to handle the incoming volume of calls.
  • Upon request from STC, Synoptic shall implement STC holiday staffing plans within 24 hours.
  • In case of any changes to the schedule, 1 weeks’ notice will be provided to Synoptic.
  • It's Synoptic’s responsibility to ensure that all local and national employment laws are complied with.

Languages supported

Arabic, English and if requested, Synoptic shall provide an estimate for additional languages, e.g. French, Urdu, Hindi, Malay, etc.

Training requirements

Training support will initially be coordinated between STC and Synoptic. Following an initial training session, a “Train the Trainer” methodology will be used and Synoptic will be responsible for delivery of all further training over the course of the contract. Training modules will be designed to cover the servicing needs of the Contact Centre and self-service channels primarily in English and Arabic, but incorporating other languages as needed.

Synoptic should develop and share user manuals that show the processes and procedures related to their solutions.

Synoptic estimate for initial STC operational training should be specified in the training requirements and based on:

  • Synoptic employed personnel have a minimum of one year’s telecoms/IT service experience and intermediate level keyboard skills (> 40 wpm and > 98 % Data Quality);
  • Synoptic employed personnel have graduated from customized voice/accent neutralization/soft skills training labs designed to support servicing standards of International Business English in Contact Centre environments; and
  • Synoptic specific training programs (proprietary tools, HR systems, Company induction training) have been completed by the Synoptic prior to commencing STC training programmes.

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