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Contemplating an upgrade or refresh of your IT infrastructure? If so, comprehensive planning is a critical determinant of success. How do you know which of the myriad of new technology solutions available will best equip you to harness greater efficiencies and reduce costs? And how will you go about demonstrating return on your investment? At Synoptic, through our professional services, we support you in the planning and building of new solutions for your business. Drawing on our focus and several decades of experience, we’re quickly able to recognize and understand evolving technologies as they emerge and assist you to convert the most appropriate ones into solutions that deliver measurable value to your business. Every year we assist thousands of clients across the globe to understand exactly how new solutions will fit into their current environment and move forward with investments and deployments with confidence.

Managed Support Services

Synoptic Managed Support Services is designed to establish a single point of accountability and a simplified contract structure for multivendor hardware and software support throughout your data centers. We can streamline operations and helps reduce downtime through proactive guidance and advice, alleviates the management burden on IT, freeing resources for more strategic tasks, helps to improve reliability, efficiency and reduce costs

Infrastructure Designing and Deployment

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise we have the technical background to help design and implement your information technology infrastructure. Our methods always start with us listening to our customer and understanding your specific business need. Perhaps you are trying to expand your business. Or you are concerned about the stability of your network. Or perhaps you are trying to tackle a specific business problem and are wondering if your IT systems are a hindrance. We help our customers work through their needs, and fashion a solution that meets the needs of their business as well as their budget. Whether it is network, storage, server, or telecommunications we can help.

Key Benefits

Keeping up with business challenges
Improving service levels and availability
Minimizing the impact of external pressures
Less complexity and greater cost savings from reduced maintenance, staff and technology
Agility, scalability and flexibility
Streamlined incident and Event-Handling Processes
Increased Responsiveness
Data Centre footprint reduction
Increased Resource Utilization
Simplified Management
ICT Business Consulting Services:

Looking for ways to better leverage the strengths of IT and communications to optimize your business’ performance and produce value-driven results? Synoptic can help.

Our ICT Business Consulting experts provide a customized approach to streamlining processes, improving communications, reducing organizational risk and leveraging a global sourcing /outsourcing organizational model.

Our Industry Consulting teams engage with you to evaluate your existing infrastructure and its capability to exploit technology-driven opportunities to drive innovation, improve efficiencies and increase market-share, from an industry-vertical specific perspective.

Our Application Integration Consulting experts can assist you to maximize your return on investment in your packaged application spend.

Contact us today to find out more about how our ICT Business Consulting Services can add value to your organization.

IT Optimization and Service Management Consulting:

Research indicates that process optimization may reduce IT costs by up to 28% depending upon one’s particular environment. An impressive statistic, however, few companies have the internal resources and tools required to gather the information they need to make informed strategic decisions concerning their IT processes. An increasing number of Synoptic clients are realizing that the ideal place to start to garner the insights they need is through using our IT Optimization Service. Perhaps you should start here too?

We help you to optimize your IT operations with proprietary best practice assessments that define an appropriate roadmap for change. We also assist you in implementing the optimization roadmap through both internal service improvement and out-tasking or outsourcing delivery models. Are you struggling to achieve the sometimes competing goals of cost reduction, service performance improvement, and IT-business alignment? Contact us to find out more about how Synoptic’s IT Optimization and Service Management expertise can help.

Technology Architecture Consulting:

Today, many companies’ technology architectures are not optimized … due to changes in environment, competitive moves, or just poor planning. How do you manage to keep yours optimized?

Synoptic’s Technology Architecture Consulting Service comprises a suite of enterprise and service-oriented architecture consulting services, focusing specifically on the networking, unified communications and collaboration and virtualization domains.

Do you have a requirement to develop an integrated strategy that includes a converged network platform to support future IT services? Our expertise in Network Architecture Consulting can assist you to develop integrated strategies that include the infrastructure, application, and service offering aspects and the planning of multi-year roadmaps.

Improving collaboration and lowering associated costs of communication are drivers for many of our clients today. Are you trying to simplify and integrate business communications? This requires a cohesive strategy and architecture roadmap and our Unified Communications and Collaboration Architecture Consultants can help you architect and implement a tailored roadmap, to support your overarching unified communications and collaboration strategy.

Are you one of those organizations who have considered virtualizing your IT environment, but are not certain how to avoid the common pitfalls? You need to ensure that if you do go down the virtualization route that the solution implemented is fit for purpose. Our Virtualization Architecture Consultants will work with you to evaluate your information, network and application layers, and architect and implement a tailored roadmap to move your current infrastructure to virtualization, based on alternative sourcing models.

At Synoptic we believe that effective technology architecture is all about creating a robust and flexible foundation for execution. We have decades of experience in assisting top performing companies design their technology architectures, use it to guide the evolution of their systems and processes, and leverage this capability for profitable growth.

Contact us to find out how we can assist you to take your technology architecture to the next level.

Technology Consulting:

While many organizations today recognize the ability of converging technologies to drive business change and improve efficiencies, many lack the knowledge of where and how to go about rationalizing and consolidating their existing infrastructure, while introducing new technologies into the enterprise.

In this era, knowledge is power … it is the foundation that provides you with the insights and tools you need to make informed strategic decisions concerning your IT environment. From Synoptic’s perspective, the ideal place to start to garner the insights you need is our suite of Technology Consulting Services.

Our suite of Assessment services extends across a wide range of technology domains including Networking, Security Solutions, Data Centers, Contact Centers, Unified Communications and Microsoft Solutions.

When we engage with you as Technology Consultants, we’ll be working with you to establish ‘where you are at’ from a technology perspective and thoroughly validate your requirements. These engagements follow our proprietary Consulting Services Methodology and are generally neither time-intensive nor intrusive. We apply our Synoptic benchmarks and blueprints to assess and measure the current state of your IT infrastructure and evaluate the relevance and potential impact or advantages of incorporating new technologies. By applying our extensive range of discovery tools, we are able to effect automatic, on-site discovery of the status of the various aspects of your environment. If you desire, we can subsequently work with you to implement and support the recommended improvements. Contact us to find out more about how our Technology Consulting services can put your business on the fast track to success.

Project and Program Management:

Making an investment in the right technology is only one of the critical components of a successful project. All too often, ensuring that the technology is implemented efficiently and on-time represents the major hurdle that causes you the greatest headache.

With the fragile economy it’s now more important than ever that the highest standards are applied to project and program management in your organization. That’s why it makes business sense to engage with Synoptic. Find out how we can help.

Dealing with the ‘Peaks and Troughs’ Associated with IT Resourcing:

Have you been challenged to reduce headcount? Do you need contingent IT staff for multiple regional and / or global locations? Do you need technical expertise beyond that which your in-house resources possess? Do you need to ramp up staff temporarily for a special project?

Today’s businesses face an ongoing and uphill battle to achieve operational excellence while attempting to reduce staffing costs. For an IT business unit, this typically means taking on additional projects … without the benefit of additional headcount. At the same time, management is becoming increasingly reliant on turnkey solutions and emerging technologies. And, as technologies evolve and converge, the technical skills required to implement, integrate and support them are becoming more and more specialized – and less available. This combination of factors often creates requirements for short and long-term, specialized IT services and resources.

Forward-thinking IT decision-makers are seeing value in developing effective processes to deal with the ‘peaks and troughs’ associated with IT resourcing. It makes good business sense to establish a relationship with an IT staffing partner that can deliver fast fulfillment of high-quality, skilled and reasonably-priced resources, as needed.

Supplementing your in-house IT staff with Synoptic’s IT professionals will enable your organization to operate more efficiently as you implement the technological innovations that are critical for success. Our experts have experience in a wide range of technologies gained across multiple geographies and vertical industries. Contact Synoptic office to find out more about our capabilities in your location and discuss how our Staffing Solutions can add value to your business.

Our approach to delivering proactive, multi-vendor IT support services:

When it comes to business critical IT services, such as your network you can’t afford breaks in service. Unplanned events happen and when they do it’s a race against time to get your systems up and running. The good news is that the effects of service interruptions flowing from errors and unexpected events can be mitigated by taking proactive steps to maximize network uptime. That’s where partnering with Synoptic makes business sense. Delivering IT services is one of our core competencies and our clients leverage our suite of Uptime Maintenance and Support services to develop and execute strategies that deliver a relevant IT function into their businesses.

Flexibility is the cornerstone of our approach to multi-vendor support and we are mindful that every client is different and has its own specific requirements. Depending on your unique business challenges, your needs may span from basic maintenance services (i.e. the provision of spares and a capability to fix a problem when it occurs), to support services (which includes access to technology expertise and operational capabilities) or fully managed services, which involves handing over the end-to-end management and operation of parts of or even its entire IT estate, to a trusted partner.

By applying our product lifecycle management capabilities, we are able to constantly refine and tweak our IT support services to remain responsive and relevant to your unique requirements as well as changing macro-economic trends.

Uptime services are delivered globally through our Global Service Centers which enable us to deliver support at a consistent level to our clients around the world. This ability comes from having technical expertise across multiple technologies and vendors; and the geographical foot print to support any of our clients’ sites at any time.

Find out more about the latest version of Uptime services and the real cost savings and improved service levels we can deliver to you by clicking here.

Why Synoptic Services?

At Synoptic, we have a passion for IT services and a belief in its ability to shape your future business landscape and accelerate business growth. We also believe that in today’s business environment, change is the only constant. We understand that you have varying service delivery and sourcing requirements and that you are looking for partners that are flexible enough to adapt as your business objectives change. For instance, given the current economic downturn, you need to ensure that quality IT services are delivered in the most efficient manner in the present, but you are also likely mindful of the need to build service models that can adapt quickly in any future growth cycles which may present opportunities for business agility and new revenue streams.

In response to these needs, we’ve continued to invest in our services offerings and capabilities to provide the utmost flexibility to our clients. Through our Services Continuum, we have the ability to build efficient IT support and managed services solutions for our clients today, but also provide them with the assurance that that we are well-placed to address their requirements for enhancement, growth and innovation in the future. Our continued investment and focus in our services business is bearing fruit – over the past few years the company’s services arm has seen exponential growth. In 2012, the company reported a 19% year-on-year growth rate in its services business and today, services represents an impressive 35% of the company’s total revenues.

With a country wide presence and a proven capability for delivering world class technology services designed to support your business, you can trust us to keep you on the sharp end of information and communication technology for competitive advantage. You do business while we supply IT services.

How we deliver:

Execution … Consistency … Best Practice … Flexibility

The cornerstones of Synoptic’s approach to service delivery are: execution, consistency, best practice and flexibility.

Execution is all about giving you the reassurance that we have the ability to ‘get things done’ and the ability to provide services where you need them, while still taking into account local nuances and cultural considerations. Our on-the-ground presence across Saudi Arabia, coupled with our extensive network of preferred partners, allows us to deliver services in each nook & corner of the country.

Consistency is another non-negotiable. By consistency, we mean the ability to deliver in the same manner, to the same service levels and with the same type of pricing, processes and methodologies across the globe. At Synoptic, our global footprint allows us to adapt our service offerings to accommodate regional or country-specific requirements and you can rest assured that you will receive a consistent, quality service experience – regardless of your location.

Alignment to accepted industry best practice standards such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a critical enabler of consistency. Synoptic embraces global best practice throughout its business. From an IT Service Management perspective, we have modeled our service processes on ITIL. Furthermore, as our working procedures have been directly derived from our processes and include local specificities, we are able to meet your requirements, regardless of their geography and culture.

Our experience has taught us that flexibility is the operative word for outsourcing strategies and contracts because outsourcing can never be separated from business goals. To drive the desired results, outsourcing relationships must constantly evolve. We understand that you want to engage with service providers who are willing and able to allow a degree of flexibility into the contract and have continued to invest in our service offerings and capabilities to provide the utmost flexibility to our clients. Within our organization, we also embrace the concept of flexible commercial models, which may include an element of shared risk and reward.

When it comes to delivering IT Services, these four entities – execution, consistency, best practice and flexibility – work in concert to set us apart from our competition. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can bring these differentiators to bear on your business.

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